Simultaneously, we have never had such great catechetical resources and been less equipped to bring the truth of our faith into the public square. We know we can do better! It’s time to explore a way to help our faithful engage fallen away Catholics and the post-Christian public square in a way that is attractive, nonthreatening, and thought provoking. It’s time for the Church to once again do what the Church has done throughout history: talk to REAL people in a REAL way.

What does MTYR mean?

Great question. Nearly everyone who sees the logo has asked. That’s its first feature: opening a conversation!

Believe us, most people you know already have an opinion about Christianity, so we wanted to take the complex idea of learning a new perspective or seeing a subject more clearly and represent it as a flat image. The “eye chart” is something we’ve all seen and something that demands focused attention. So it became the key to this brand.

The ability to create curiosity, the ability to present issues of faith and life as being “more than we realized,” and authentic respect for those we encounter are the hallmarks of a missionary disciple entering the public square.

What you can do now?

By praying for this effort, sporting the logo (on your car, clothing, water bottle, etc.), and entering suggestions for the topics you want addressed on our website, you can be an early adopter in a movement that could fill our greatest vacuum in the church: The ability to begin, enter, or lead conversations in a way that raises curiosity, changes perspectives, and makes authentic Christianity something worth taking a more focused look at! Your support means More Than You Realize!

What is MTYR for?

To those of us striving to be missionary disciples: It’s a reminder of our own important role in Christ’s mission.

To those we encounter: It’s meant to spark curiosity. It’s an invitation for you to engage others in the way you’re most comfortable.

What it can become: It will grow into a digital platform that offers both short and long form discussions that will have multiple uses:

  • Some of our best minds will explore the topics people are really talking about in a way that is interesting or thought provoking.
  • Model for disciples how to enter into, or lead discussions related to, these topics. You’ll be able to join small groups in your area for training and discussion.
  • Provide content capable of competing for attention in the virtual public square currently dominating discourse (social media).
  • Free, shareable, no log-ins, and plenty of room for your input.